The specialty of Sunday remains in the fact that it comes to us only after a continuous work of six days. Thus it is natural for me to wait for this day eagerly as it provides my recreation and rest. I relax on this day after hard work of six days. I hail it with joy and in a way of my own.

I do not make improper use of Sunday. It gives me the opportunity to read light literatures and to make up the arrears in studies. Moreover I write letters to my friends, visit places of historical importance, visit a cinema and engage myself in the working out of sums on this day.

On Sunday I feel more relaxed and move in the open fields for breathing fresh- air. It is indeed the best day for revision of old lessons and for paying undivided attention to studies of special interest.

Sunday provides me the rare opportunity for going on pleasure trips for sightseeing. A trip to some unknown places or villages as a social worker trains one to shoulder hardship and privations with a cheerful mind. I take rest for three hours on Sundays for relaxing my overburdened mind.


I devote myself to the working out of sums, Geometry and study of English grammar and Sanskrit grammar. This day seems to increase my capacity for work to a great extent. I get the chance of visiting my friends on this day as it provides me pleasure to discuss on topics relating to Science, Politics, Literature, day to day affairs of the world with my friends. By sharing the views of one another we widen the vision of our knowledge.

On Sunday I attend to N.C.C. Class with my friends and if possible we go on a walk to a distant place for cheering our heart.