Should homework be abolished from school ?


I submit that homework is that unnecessary burden on a young child, which impairs his growth forever. A child learns at school for a long time and if his learning process with the addition of homework is extended, it will add a burden that will be difficult to bear. Homework is, therefore, an unnecessary burden. It should be abolished immediately. Learning with homework is, therefore, a continuous torture for the children.

I feel strongly that the school-going children are ‘little flowers’ yet to blossom in their mental faculties. If they are not given a free and fair environment, they will remain diseased forever. I submit that homework is just an elongation of the learning. This process is too heavy for the children to bear. They have many subjects at school and if the homework is counted in terms of time, it does not free them even in their sleep.

I wholeheartedly support that homework leaves the children no time for games, rest and recreation. In m opinion, playing is a necessary part of education. It helps the children grow in the body, when mental faculties shall also be healthy. I strongly support the view that homework generates a sense of fear and avoidable tension. It leaves the children no time to play. The children cannot participate in playing with a free spirit. It is because they are not free from the fear and worry of homework that is yet to be done. Not doing the homework, sometime, generates the feeling of playing truancy from the school.


I should like to draw the attention that the children live a very hurried life. They have no time to have leisure for gossips and interaction with other children. If homework is abolished, the will read other useful material. It will increase their appetite to learn more. It shall also increase their inquisitive and rational powers. I submit that in doing homework they are deprived of this social necessity. This is of great importance in making them useful and responsible citizens. I, therefore whole-heartedly support that homework should be abolished at the earliest.

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