Here is your essay on the Human Genome


The Human Genome project aims at decoding the DNA sequence and order of genes. Human cells contain DNA, which is turn contains its structural units called nucleotides.

This project will map the sequence of millions of codes in the Genes of Human beings. By this, scientists will be able to identify the genes responsible for various diseases.

DNA structure contain chemical blocks called A (adenine), C (cytosine), G (guanine) and T(thymine). These blocks, by combining with each other form a complex sequence. This complex sequence is being decoded by the Human Genome project. It will help preventing or curing wide range of diseases. For example, changing an adenine in place of They mine in the gene of hemoglobin causes sickle cell anaemia.


The Human Genome project will prove helpful in developing genetic condition of human being and make them more immune to disease by improvement of gene. Even genetical and hereditary disorders can be prevented and cured by such technology.

All information about a person in respect of his physician, mind, blood, etc. Can be derived through the Human Genome project.

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