Here is your essay on Competition


Biological, psychological, cultural and social needs also inspire human beings for competition.

Trees in forests compete with one another to get sunlight. Competition goes on among wild animals for food, water and security. Whenever and wherever the commodities needed by human being are in short supply the process of competition is questioned. Social structure, culture and values have special role in determining the form of competition. The members of various groups organise themselves to participate effectively in trade unions, teachers associations, etc. These are the results of the spirit of protecting one’s own interests and not to be left behind in competition with others.

Competition is a continuous process. Its main characteristic is its impersonal form. In competition the individual is less important than the aim to achieve the purpose. Competition is a sub-conscious process. Competitors are involved in this process even without the information without one another.


Lakhs of aspirants take the examination conducted by UPSC. They compete for top positions without knowing one another. Competition is a peaceful and non-violent process that is based on rules. It is mainly based on effort, merit, capacity and hard work. Competition is generally found in all societies but it is felt all the more acutely in societies which have a system of open stratification. Competition also helps to increase social mobility.

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