Mishaps on the road are common occurrences these days. The heavy flow of traffic, habitually rash driving and frequent breach of safety rules result in ever-increasing fatal accidents.

Last week I witnessed a horrifying road tragedy. Even today I get goose-pimples on recollecting it. I was standing at a shop when I was startled to hear a screech of brakes and a crushing sound of metal. What I saw sent shivers down my spine. A truck has collided with a car, smashing it completely, I, along with others, rushed to the spot. A gory sight awaited us.

All the occupants of the car had been killed on the spot and their mangled bodies were beyond recognition. The accident had claimed one others victim-a cyclist coming right behind the car. He had rammed his cycle into the truck. The truck driver and his three companions were critically injured.

Their pathetic cries rent the air. A few persons from the crowd came forward and rushed them to a nearby hospital. Soon the police arrived and got busy with the usual formalities. The accident was caused because of the car driver’s recklessness.


He had tried to overtake another vehicle and failed to judge the speed of the truck coming from the opposite direction I was compelled to think how hazardous it had become to drive on the busy roads of our modem cities.