Every community undergoes a series of changes until a group in the area. This is called biotic succession. Succession is a sequence of changes in time of the species which inhabit an area from an initial pioneer community to a final climax community. In other word, the development of community by the action of vegetation on the environment leading to the development of new species is called succession.

Why Succession :

Succession involves a series of complex processes. It is because of this reason that the occurrence of succession is associated with many causes. These exist three primary causes of succession.

(i) The first cause is concerned with climatic and biotic in nature. The climatic causes are erosion, deposits, wind and fire etc. All of these are responsible for destroying the existing population in the concerned area.


(ii) The second cause is concerned with migration, aggregation, competition reaction etc. These are responsible for changing the soil features of this area.

(iii) The third cause is concerned with factors such as climate of the area responsible for stabilization of the community.