Get complete information on Dominance of Species


The succession stage reached in the sere is often named after one or more plant species of larger size, such as pine, oak, solar teak. These are the dominant species.

They are large trees which have a major influence on the local environment or they may represent the most numerous plants forms in biotic community. The dominant species are different from each successive stage in the sere. Their number may be fewer in hasher conditions. Only two species account for 90% of the trees in many temperate forests.

Functional Changes in Succession :


The following changes occur in succession:

(i) A continuous change takes place in these kinds of plants and animals.

(ii) The diversity of the species increases,

(iii) The amount of living biomass and dead organic matter increases progressively.


(iv) During early phase of primary succession an increase in the green pigment such as chlorophyll occurs.

(v) The relationship in food chain is complicated.

(vi) The life cycle of mature community species becomes more complex and larger.

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