Games and Sports cater to the all-round development of personality of pupils. Sound mind is ensured in a sound body. Psychologically speaking, play is a biological and social necessity for children.

Sports and games ensure the redirection of surplus of energy of adolescents to fruitful channels. It is said that play is the most useful leisure time activity of the adolescents. It is training for future. In the absence of opportunities for pay the pupils are forced to frequent cinemas, clubs, hotels cafeteria, circus and theatres.

Good sportsmen have promising future to work. So play ground is said to be the “uncovered school” and the “cradle of democracy”.

The greatest lacuna in the present educational set-up in the country is the conspicuous absence of facilities and opportunities for games and athletics. In many schools, there are no proper play fields. Secondary Education Commission painfully observes the absence of play fields and suggests that the municipal parks or any open space available in the neighborhood should be utilized by the school.


Organization of games and sports should be there in each and every school as follows:

(i) Opportunity should be provided for every pupil in the school.

(ii) A time-schedule should be prepared for each of the games and sports available in the school. Small groups and teams should be formed. Various periods may be allotted to different groups.

(iii) Arrangements should be made that every pupils gets necessary equipment from the school. Poor students should not be expected to undergo expenses for sports materials.


(jv) Necessary guidance and coaching may be provided through physical education instructors.

A good variety of games must be introduced. Besides Football, Hockey, Cricket, indigenous games like “Kabbadi”, “Khokho” and Tug-O-War should be introduced in schools. Some very common and popular country games prevalent in the locality may be there in the school. Simple athletics like high jump, long jump, discus throw, javeline throw, putting the shot, hurdles race and the like which do not require much space as playground should be practiced.

(v) Games suitable for girls should be introduced in girl schools and in co-education school.

(vi) The inter-school contest should not be given undue importance, sometimes, mutual jealousies spring forth. This should be avoided under circumstances.