Gandhiji had successfully applied the weapon of Satyagraha among the Indians in the Champaran district in Bihar as also in the city of Ahmedabad and the district of Kaira in Gujarat.

In their struggle against the Rowlatt Act the same weapons of non-violence and Satyagraha were applied. In organizing the ensuing political movement Gandhiji constituted a ‘Satyagraha Sabha’ in Bombay of which he himself was the President.

Meetings were held all over the country in protest, and people were invited to sign a Satyagraha pledge. In the pledge people took the vow that they would not deviate from the pith of none-violence under any circumstances.

People all over the country responded magnificently to Gandhiji s call, and the hartal of April (1919) was widely observed.


It must, however, be remembered that in face of the police oppression the volunteers or the Satyagrahis did not or rather could not remain non­violent everywhere.

Anyway, the famous Jallianwalabag incident opened a new horizon in the national movement of the Indian people.