Essays about the expansion of trade and commerce under the Mughals in India


Essays about the expansion of trade and commerce under the Mughals in India. What measures helped the trade and commerce to flourish?

Under the Mughals trade and commerce made great progress in India. First, demand for various luxury goods by the nobles led to expansion of handicraft production. Second, expansion of trade was also noticeable in the growth of towns. Foreign travelers made particular mention of various towns during the Mughal days.

For example, Ralph Fitch who came to India during Akbar’s reign said that Agra and Fatehpur Sikri were each larger than London. Third. Coming of the European traders during the Mughal period helped both internal and particularly the external trade.


Fourth, production of cash crops and increase in the production of textiles and other commodities also attest to the expansion of trade and commerce during the period under review. Fifth, it is not possible to determine exactly the quantity of external trade generated by the European traders.

But there is no doubt about the fact that the foreign companies opened up new markets abroad for the export of articles of India. The trade and commerce expanded under the Mughals. Several factors were responsible for this.

Firstly, the political integration of the country under the Mughals facilitated improvement in trade and commerce. Secondly, as a result of the political integration law and order was established in the extensive areas of the empire.

Thirdly, the Mughal authority paid attention to the improvement of roads. Sarais also helped communication which in turn helped trade and commerce. Fourthly, that the Mughal government was sympathetic to the trade and commerce is noticeable from the uniform tax levied on goods at the point of their entry.


Fifthly, rahadari or road-cess was declared illegal. This also encouraged the traders. Sixthly, silver rupees of high quality minted by the Mughals became a standard coin in India and abroad. This was also another factor that helped India’s trade.

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