Transport and communication are significant infrastructural requirements of the modern world for its all over development. Just like sources of power, it also lays foundation of growth of agriculture, manufacturing, trade, commerce etc.

An efficient, cheap and dependable transport system is a must for movement of goods, passengers etc. Efficient transportation system is essential close to international borders. Similar is the importance of means of communication.

Resources of a place do not necessarily find their utilization in the surrounding areas. Thus there arises the need of transportation.

The process of transferring goods and people is called transportation, whereas transmitting of messages by telephone, telegram, fax, telex, satellite etc. is called communication. Transportation, in simple words, means taking men and material or goods from one place to another.


Trade, transport and communication go hand in hand with one another. The faster the economic growth, the more intimate is their relation. The need for transportation arises on account of large scale differences in spatial distribution, production and consumption of goods. Goods are produced at one place, whereas consumed elsewhere.

Growing needs of man in different spheres played a signal role in the development of means of transportation. Differences in skill, geographical environment, and population numbers are responsible for making certain areas specialist in production of a particular commodity.

This is possible only due to the development of efficient modes of transportation. Goods based on agriculture, minerals, forests, fish, etc. have wide demand all over the world. Thus their distribution is possible entirely due to development of efficient means of transportation.

Isolated regions are attended to because of development of means of transportation. Movement of enemy troops can be halted if efficient and quick means of transportation are developed in the border areas.


Thus even the national security is associated with transportation. Perishable commodities are enjoying worldwide market on account of development of means of transportation. Milk and butter of Denmark, cheese of Australia or Switzerland, fruits of California and New Zealand are available throughout the world because of transportation facilities only.

Man moves from one place to another in connection with his economic, social, cultural and recreational needs, because means of transportation are at his command. The development of means of transportation has made the world into one single market. In the present jet age, the world is shrinking on account of development of means of transportation.

Means of transportation play a vital role in the economic development of a region. They are a link between the consumer and the producer. Transportation facilities have encouraged trade and cultural relations among the countries of the world.