Essay on Too many Holidays in India are nothing but waste of time


“Holidays, holidays, holidays, approximately 170 days in a year our offices are closed.”

For every past leader who played some significant role in one or another sphere, holidays are declared. Declaring holidays has also become a political issue. Some of the holidays are of national significance, so can’t be done away with, but we should consider to avoid unnecessary holidays. We wish to pay true homage to those great leaders in memory or reverence of them holidays have been declared who worked hard for our social and economic well-being. Is it proper to enjoy holidays sitting at home in reverence of those who worked day and night to make this country strong, progressive, prosperous and peaceful? Paying respect and homage should not be associated with declaring holidays.

As far as upholding the noble morals preached by these great leaders, can be well done in far better ways than declaring holidays, causing wastage of time, hampering work and lot of unavoidable harassment to those innocent people who suffered because of such holidays:


Progress and prosperity of a nation depends much upon the working culture and attitude of its work force. How can we think to shy away from work when the progress of the nation is at stake and can be achieved by hard work.

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”

“Aaram Haraam Hai”

“Work is Worship”


All the above slogans are not merely slogans but ethics of work, the value of hard work to achieve the goal, the sacrifice needed to gain something important, are inherent in these words.

We must realize that a closure of even a day, causes a huge loss to the exchequer, slows the pace of progress in this fast competitive world. In a country facing many acute problems like population explosion, poverty, water scarcity, energy’ shortage, employment and many more. Closure of offices for more than 50% of days in a year, simply means retarding the pace of progress and delay in solving the problems faced by our own people. It is to be realized that we are responsible for-shaping our destiny although the choice between comfort and hard work is really a tough job. In this age of IT revolution, space exploration keeping the offices closed for such number days is untenable, unjustified.

India endows with a great heritage, our sacred religious epic Geeta and Mahabharata, remind us the value of Karma, performing Karma without expecting results. If the message of the “Geeta” galvanized into the modem values of progress, hard labour, toil, to yield the essence of human existence, we get one thing that is “work”, work selflessly as duty towards the society.

Even after so many decades of independence, our country still remain muddled in basic problems of water scarcity, housing, routine breakdown of electricity etc. Holidays, strike down the work, closure of units, all, effects none but ourselves, our society, our country adversely. Holidays in government departments, public offices, schools and college, can possibly do not attack us directly, but can an agriculturist, a daily wage earner, the defence force, the eternal “Sun”, Moon, think of making holidays even for a day. Imagine a situation if the “Sun”, goes on one day holiday, if the “Wind” does not blow for a day, our existence shall be in peril and our existence would be impossible.


Doesn’t mean that ‘holidays’ are not necessary. Holidays are required for reinvigorating, recharging refreshing of a worker. To keep a man fit leisure is the basic requirement but again too much holidays make one lazy, bore and unhealthy.

An ideal mind is devil’s workshop. Keeping yourself away from work for seven days regularly, just sitting idle, doing nothing concrete, on eighth day you shall not be able to work as fresh as you would have worked earlier after one or two days holidays. Too much holidaying makes a man dull, lazy slumberous is a medically and psychologically tested fact. If the life should to go on smoothly, all things are bound to happen by a certain discipline. Birds make nests and lays eggs, according to seasonal cycle and migrate to other regions where climate is good, bees collect honey, ants, the most busiest never resting creature, collect food for winter. Every creature is putting all his efforts for prosperity and livelihood in a disciplined manner and do not enjoy the holidays as the most intelligent creature, man, enjoy.

In this time of globalization, liberalization and open economy we can ‘afford holidaying on this or that pretext. We have to realize that for rapid progress, to bright India in real terms, it is our sacred duty to work hard to the best of our capability. Nothing but work pays. ‘Work is Worship’ should be followed in words and sprit. We much keep in mind that holidays are nothing but wastage of time.

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