Books have been my companions since my childhood. The stories of adventure which excited me during my childhood period are no longer liked by me now-a-days. “Alice in Wonderland” was really one of the most interesting books for me at that time. As I grew in years some of the scientific stories of H.G. Wells had a lot of appeal for me. His story “The Truth about Pyecraft” had amused me to a great extent. I still remember the way Pyecraft used to come to the club and eat voraciously. I can recall with amusement the manner in which Pyecraft was floating near the ceiling because he had taken medicine which reduced his weight.

But recently I have read Huxley’s book “Brave New World”. The book opens with the description of the scientific laboratory where test tube babies were produced. He tells us that the babies are produced according to the demands of the society. Some of them were extremely intelligent whereas others were extremely strong phy­sically. These children did not know anything about father and mother and they used to talk in a very mocking manner about the world when there used to be father and mother.

He also tells us that the sex game was taught to the children in the schools More­over whenever they felt fatigued or bored they would take a special preparation to remove that boredom. Otherwise also all the pro­blems of the people of this Brave New World were mostly psychologi­cal problems. That is why generally the children were sent to the psychologists for suggesting the ways and means to correct them. In this world, religion had no place and spirituality was hated, when a religious person comes and he is called a savage by the people of the Brave New World. But ultimately the savage was successful and the people of this Brave New World realized that purely mechanical life cannot do any good to them.

This book not only excited my imagination rather it filled my brain with strange type of ideas. 1 started thinking of the belief that only science can solve the problems of people. Huxley has given a beautiful picture of the scientific world and has significantly pointed out that it is not possible for science to solve all the problems of life. Life needs some faith, religion and not merely mechanical life can give it.


This is an exciting book because I feel that it is a prophecy about the future. We find that the societies which were influenced by science have started feeling that they must be spiritual. There is a greet craze for spirituality among the Americans and the scienti­fically more advanced countries. They have discovered that science makes them inhuman, mechanical and objective and so something dangerous for the society and the progress of the society.

The exciting book has definitely left a permanent impact upon my mind. I discover that science may be able to change life of human beings, the nature of children but that would not be the pro­gress of mankind. Recently Hargobind Khurana has been able to split a gene and that might revolutionize the use of science for human beings. But this tendency is not at all beneficial for the development of the world as well as the nations. We need out more of science but more of moral outlook and humanitarian feelings which science is incapable of giving. That is why Huxley’s book was very exciting for me.