Essay on the Influence of Science on Modern Life

As said in the preceding chapter that various kinds of changes take place in thinking pattern of students or persons getting education of science. As a result of changed thinking pattern, various other kinds of changes take place in life. For instance, with broad- mental outlook, number of changes takes place in life­style of people and they begin to accept those values which were once considered to be wrong or improper by them or their ancestors.

Not only this, various areas or spheres of life have got affected by scientific investigations and developments in considerable way. Here it is important to mention that when we talk about science, we are also talking about technological development taking place, as they are important part of science, and it is not possible to mark a line in between these concepts.

In lack of education, people did not know the reason of various diseases, but now as a result of various studies and investigations, cause of various disease is known because of which people now live a sanitary and healthful life. An important change taking place in modern time is that as a result of scientific investigations, various medicines and techniques have been developed by which number of diseases can be cured successfully and easily.


Revolutionary kind of changes can be seen in the field of communication and transportation. Not only has this, agriculture, which is still an important and major area of revenue in our nation, got a considerable change. Earlier, primitive methods and apparatuses were being used in this area, but now, well developed and technologically advanced apparatuses are used, as a result of which, output has increased to considerable extent.

Not only this, number of persons required on farms has declined because of which large numbers of people are getting engaged in service sectors. Thus it can be said that as a result of scientific developments and researches, immense material benefits have been obtained in all the fields of life, which can easily be evident from the kinds of changes taken place in transportation area also.

Earlier, we did not possess efficient and cheaper transportation means, but today, example of Metro Rail can best represent the benefit arising from use of scientific techniques in this area. Today, it is one of the most fastest means of transportation.

Not only this, impact of scientific development can also be shown in the communication area. Earlier, people had to write letters which was being carried by the post-man, which was a time consuming and lengthy procedure, but now, number of telephone connections can be seen throughout the nation. Not only this, even in small cities and villages, provision of computer is there by which people can send E-mail to their nears and dears.


An important impact of science and technology is that number of persons engaged in agriculture sector has diminished to great extent as a result of which process of industrialisation has taken place with greater pace throughout the nation, which is an important factor in bringing about an increase in rate of national growth to considerable extent.

As a result of scientific investigations and developments taking place with considerable pace, a lot of change has taken place in educational pattern of the nation. Earlier number of institutions imparting engineering and technological education was very limited, but now, there is immense increase in such institutions.

According to UNESCO’s International Education Commission. Science and Technology must become essential components in any educational enterprises, they must be incorporated into all educational activity intended for children, young people and adults, in order to help the individual to control social energies as well as natural and productive ones thereby achieving mastery over himself, his choices and actions and finally, they must help a man to acquire a scientific turn of mind so that he becomes able to promote Science without being enslaved by it.”

So to live as an efficient member in the modern society, each citizen should know some facts of the natural phenomena, laws, properties of matter, their application in the daily life. Science can claim its honourable place in the school curriculum based on humanistic lines so that it may be of greater value of all. According to W. Pauli, “The aim of Science teaching is but the acquisition of information and a few skills but to attain the understanding of the relationship which connects the answer to the problem.”


Science is at present undergoing a period of change. There was a time when science was not a compulsory subject in Indian schools even up to matric level but living in a modern technologically oriented society, science has become compulsory subject for all the children in all the schools from the class 1 to x.

Thus, by making use of scientific technological developments, various kinds of changes have been brought about in different spheres of life. In this chapter, light will be thrown on the kinds of changes which have taken place as a result of scientific developments in our nation.

a. Agricultural Sector:

Generally it is believed that science and various developments taking place in it affect only giant industries, which is far from reality. As a result of development of scientific technologies, agricultural sector got affected to a lot of extent and an important proof of this was the green revolution, which took place in our nation sometimes back.


It is important to make it clear here that by using developed techniques and equipments in agriculture sector, manifold increase resulted in output, and this increase or condition of increased output was termed as green revolution. As a result of it, our nation became self-dependent and became able to fulfill demands of food on its own.

Thus, it can be said that developments taking place in science resulted in mechanisation of agriculture and farming sector. Various advanced tools are being invented as a result of scientific development, which used by farmers. Not only this, new techniques of farming have also been developed as a result of scientific development, which helped in increasing farm output to tremendous extent.

In lack of information, farmers had to suffer a tremendous loss when their farms or outputs were being eaten by insects, but now proper information is being provided to farmers as to how they can save or protect their farms and how by making use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides can save their farms from being eaten by insects and pesticides.

b. Industrial Sector:


From the discoveries of science, a drastic change has taken place in the ways and processes used in various industries. As known that earlier primitive kind of equipments were being used in various industries as a result of which large number of manpower was required to produce limited output, but now as a result of science and technology, various complex machines have been discovered, by using which, maximum output can be gained with minimum of manpower.

Thus, today, different functions in industrial processes are being performed by machines and there is requirement of human beings just only to operate such machines. It will not be wrong to say that as a result of development taking place in science, various industries have been revolutionised.

c. Medicinal Sector:

It is evident that earlier a large number of people lose their lives by various diseases which were considered to be incurable. The main reason of considering such diseases incurable was that no medicine or treatment was being invented by physicians earlier, but today, as a result of various studies and experiments conducted on living creatures, medicines and treatment therapies of various diseases have been invented.


Now, various kinds of preventive techniques such as vaccination, inoculation, surgery have prevented the human beings from various contagious diseases. Due to developments took place in the field of science, average life span of human beings has been doubled in comparison to earlier time.

Today, various equipments and apparatuses have been developed by scientists and experts by which diagnosis and prevention of various diseases can be done. As a result of such changes, various diseases can be prevented and treated properly by which death rate has been reduced considerably and longevity of human beings have increased.

An important consequence of development in the field of science is that fields of hygiene and sanitation have also been developed by which now human beings have become health conscious. Thus, development taking place in the field of science has also contributed in reducing the death rate and making people health conscious.

d. Civilization:

A number of experts are of the view that modern civilization owes its existence to science, because of which they have given the term scientific civilization to the modern civilization. Way of living and behaviour of human beings have been affected to a considerable extent by various developments taking place in different fields.

It is as a result of science or development taking place in this area that large numbers of people have freed themselves from the clutches the superstitions. Not only this, rate of illiteracy has been declined as a result of scientific developments.

By studying the developments taking place in science, a positive change has taken place in the attitude, manner in which human beings live their life and outlook to receive new ideas, as a result of which, we have developed into a good citizen. Thus, science has helped a lot in providing our civilization a modern and scientific look.