Essay on the Demands of Modern Indian Women


Women in our society are now considerably awakened. They are by and large, not prepared to accept a low social position of women in status or to merely be a source of recreation for men to produce children for them at their will.

They are now conscious of cruelties being inflicted on them. They are now in an agitated mood and even not prepared to accept the authority of some religious books which had given them a low social status. Sati practice, child marriage ban, no widow re-man jage, polygamy and forced as well as in equal marriages are now not acceptable to them.

Some educated women even ridicule on these concepts. In family, women now wish to enjoy the greatest freedom. Restrictions imposed by in-laws are now being violated. More freedom is now demanded with the result that joint family system is now giving birth to single family system, where modern women feel themselves free to shape their own family in the way they like.

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