Obviously a question arises as to how the castes were ranked. In other words the whole question about the origin of the caste system in India now comes to the forefront. As we know that there are different theories about the origin of the system.

Staunch supporters of the system makes us believe that Brahmins have been given the highest rank because God crated them out of his head. Some believes that they enjoy higher rank even higher than the Kshatriyas because Brahmins have the Supreme duty of interpreting dharma and ensuring that the Kshatriyas rule according to it.

The Vaishyas have been ranked their because they are engaged only it material advancement and have nothing to do with spiritual progress. The Shudras have the lowest rank because they are neither materially nor spiritually advanced.

But these are all guess work that how in the ancient past one caste began to be ranked superior over the other. From all records, it is however, clear that in the beginning system was not very rigid.


Those who possessed qualities were brought down from the higher to the lower caste. Placement and ranking of castes became a problem with the passage of time. When caste system became very rigid caste of a person became his status symbol and placement in higher castes was considered a privilege. Since upward and downward movement of a person into the caste became impossible, there was obviously a desire to find a place in the higher class, if possible.