Leo Tolstoy, a famous Russian story writer, has written a story named “Little Girls Wiser than Men”. In that story he has pointed out the futility of quarrel. Whole playing, small children quarrel among themselves. The very next moment they become friends. They forget their quarrel. But among the elders, a quarrel is not forgotten. It becomes bigger than before. When a quarrel breaks out on streets, it becomes more dangerous, because no body comes out to solve it.

One day I was going to the market. On the way I found some young boys playing cricket. I am interested in cricket. So I stopped there for a few minutes and watched the game. Unfortunately, the cricket ball hit the neighbor’s window violently. The glass in the window was broken. An old woman came out and told some angry words to the boys. I was standing there silently. One of the boys also became angry and rushed at the old woman. A mini-crowd gathered there.

The old woman called his son in loud voice. Her son came, out and saw that the boys had broken his window- glass. He also became angry and uttered some evil words against the boys. Now all the boys unitedly rushed at the old woman’s son. The quarrel took a wild turn. Both the parties were agitated and ready for a fierce combat. The boys were shouting at the old woman and her son. They also showed*their cricket bats and threatened to smash the rest of the glasses in other windows. The old woman was too angry to-suppress a number of ugly words. A boy pushed her. Suddenly, he was captured by the people who were enjoying the crowd.

In the mean time, the headman of the village arrived and assured the lady to give compensation of the damage in her window. He also told the angry boys to go back to their respective homes. The fathers of the boys reached the spot and politely begged apology on behalf of their sons. They also paid two hundred rupees to the old woman for repairing the broken window. The woman’s anger vanished. She also politely refused the money. The boys were standing aside. They also became happy to see the old woman in soft mood. They agreed to get the window repaired the next day. The quarrel was resolved in no time.


In certain cases, a small quarrel on a street leads to an aggressive conflict. It may result in a communal tension. The best way to get peace is to solve the street quarrel amicably.