Essay on Stable and Nuclear Power House


“India – 2020” is a vision of each and every individual in the Indian society. More than 100 of villages are still living with-out electricity. Nuclear energy surely helps us to overcome energy crisis in our society.

Our former president of India Dr.A.P.J.Kalam once stated that “Nuclear power is our gateway to a prosperous future”. Each and every society expects stable growth of a society, but usually this stable growth of a society always relay on natural resources.

Nuclear power plants ensure our stable economic growth of our society. To become a developed country is not based one day process or one day-dream but it is a day by day layers or ladder of process.


Developing countries always believe in massive economic growth but this massive growth can be only achieved by massive energy.

For instance, In 2008 we crossed trillion-dollar mark of economic growth but this is expected to increase rapidly up to 4 trillion-dollar on or before 2025. This massive growth demands massive growth of electricity which means currently we are producing 1, 50,000 MW. We need to improve the production of energy at least 9, 50,000 MW before 2030.

Nuclear power ensures not only stable economic growth but also growth of Indian villages. For instance, KKNPP is the biggest nuclear power plants in India which is believed to be power house of Indian society in the future. It also helps to overcome demand of electricity v/s population of Indian society in the future.

Today in the world more than 29 countries are running or operating more than 440 NPP (Nuclear power plants). Most of the developed countries utilizing that nuclear power to fulfill their energy needs from 30% to 40%. In India on the other hand we mostly relay on coal to produce electricity but in the future we need to import coal from other countries which add burden to our economy.


On the hand, we are gifted with “New Source of nuclear fuel called Thorium which is mostly considered to be nuclear fuel of the future”. This is the time for us to take new path (to produce electricity) to fulfill our energy crisis, because currently, we are not even producing 5000 MW by using nuclear power.

If we compare nuclear source with other sources like Solar, wind, we will understand nuclear power is cheaper than others. For instance, wind power needs 3x amount of installed generation to meet demand and many towers and large amount of landscape.

If we use solar power, it will also need large amount of landscape and money, and at the same time both wind and solar power are not stable, because those always depends on climate which may also lead unstable economic growth. Nuclear power on the other hand which provides not only stable growth of economy but also we can spend less amount money to ensure large amount of energy outcome.

Growth of scientific technologies always helps us not only development of individual life but also development or society.


All the scientific inventions always faced the dilemma of failure but changes in it provided us some of the greatest success. For instance, you may read or hear number of accidents about two wheeler, bus, flights, car in our day today life, but Don’t you use in a travel?

We (human beings) may create things but we are not God to be perfect with our inventions. Sometimes we may face failures but these failures are stepping towards success.

Experience is one of the greatest teachers in the world. We have learnt a lot from nuclear accidents but these accidents was overcome by technologies.

The latest technologies or the 3rd generation nuclear reactors used in KKNPP which ensures better safety for people. Many countries using nuclear power to create bombs to make destructions but we are going to utilize the “New Clear Power” towards the growth of society so it should be appreciated rather than argument. Indian government has done lot of studies in KoodumKulam before starting this project.


The Government of India investing more than RS.13, 000 crores for KKNPP it should not be wasted. We need a stable growth in both economy and production of electricity in India for that nuclear power plants which will make our Koodum Kulam nuclear power house of India in the future.

By K.M.Vargeesh

Email: [email protected]

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