Air was still, night starry with the moon sending silvery streaks of light. Sweat was trickling along my body as a I lay there in the terrace counting stars.

I was all uneasy and disturbed. The humming of mosquitoes in my ears added to my irritation. They were busy sucking blood. The night watchman came on regular rounds. He would bang his stick hard and wake me up. How could I be expected to sleep in such circumstances.

I felt that my blood was boiling. It was indeed very hot.  rolled about in my bed and decided to take my shirt off. No sooner had I done this the mosquitoes attacked me and pierced their sharp needles ruthlessly in my body. All this was becoming terrible and no longer bearable. The street dogs were up to their antics roaming here and there causing disturbance. I got up from my bed and saw the streets. All seemed to be asleep except me.

I was badly suffer­ing from the stings of summer. Every time I jumped to my bed with the decision to go off to sleep but I failed. Time was passing at snail’s pace I took turns in my bed. I sprinkled water over it but it seemed to change into stream having a burning effect on my body. With an effort I closed my eyes but something frightened me to open my eyes. The ghosts seems to be coming out of the darkness of the night. I could not wake up my sisters and brothers because I feared that they would laugh at me. I felt like Ancient Mariner who saw his friends lying dead on the deck and bore the loneliness and frustration. How did I wish for the dawn !


As I was tired I had a short nap, half awake and half asleep. The dream transported me to Sahara and the mosquitoes seemed to be owls hovering round me. I cried for water ; my blood seemed to be curdled, my lips were dry and my heart was palpitating very fast. I begged and begged and appealed to Christ and an angel offered me water but as I took it my mouth seemed to be filled with sand. This happened during a gap of hardly one minute. As i opened my eyes I found myself on the ground licking dust.

Sleep is a balm and sleeplessness is the worst punishment, sleeplessness bring horrible figures before you and it become a pro­blem to pass that time. ‘Tick’ ‘Tick’ the clock marked the passage of time and every ‘tick’ brought me near cherished dawn.