Science and religion play undubious role in human life. Man has been instinctively religious since antiquity. Even after the discovery of Darwinism and successive scientific inventions, religion has still remained predominant.

Man accepts science and technology for intellectual progress, for comfort and luxury, for facts and knowledge. Simultaneously man accepts religion for spiritual forging and solace. Majority of people in the world are uneducated, uncultured, unscientific, pragmatic and primitive. Most people still find religious doctrine more persuasive than scientific arguments.

The present world is fundamentally religious. No doubt, the scientists are ceaselessly endeavoring to find out more about the universe functions, the nature of life and consciousness. Notwith­standing such illustrious effort, life has remained the same: still religious and superstitious, whether in west or in East, in industrialized developed countries or lands dwelt by primitives.

Both science and religion have two faces: the intellectual and the social. Science has been proved as a blessing as well as a curse. It has provided us luxury, comfort, convenience, entertainment, but it has created pollution, dirt, garbage, horrible weapons. Same is the case of religion which has preached us tolerance, love, spiritual rehabilitation, universal fraternity, devotion and dedication. Even so, religion is not absolutely free from unleashing barbaric cruelty, intolerance, Christian genocide. The history of Europe is littered with the corpses of those who entertained doctrinal differences.


The scientists are crucial of organized religions, because they squeeze decent human behavior. Religion expounded some as witches and in Christian Europe, the god-fearing people used to burn old women suspected of being witches.

Faith made, otherwise decent people, commit acts of unspeakable horror. Religion sets an absolute unchanging foundation for morality, which after centuries are found bankrupt. In feet, religion remains one of the divisive forces in society. It is often found that people, who are not strongly adhered to any jingoistic religious group, are more sober, understanding and loving than the so-called narrow-minded religious groups.

It is true that all religious people are not fanatical zealots. Many rational religious thinkers have shunned the violence and brutality in the name of God, the corruption in the Church. Religion can never be fee from narrow-minded outlooks.

There is segregation in education and habitation in some civilized society. So the religious organizations still sanction prejudice against women, racial minorities. Many intellectual people really admit it.


Religion has been a burden today. So many people show their disaffection with the established religion in the western world. Many turn to find a less strident and gentler route to spiritual fulfillment. Men and women accept religion for answers to the fundamental questions of existence. Religion was answering to it before science came to existence. But today, Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Darwin, computer, modern science have changed human attitude towards religion.

When science first took launching, it faced strong opposition from Church, religion and scientists were called faith-wreckers. But science is based on careful observation and experiment enabling theories to be proved. Science has revealed the fundamental laws connected with nature, with external forces. The scientists adopt new approaches.

On the contrary, religion is founded on revelation and received wisdom. It can never change once established. Science is helpless near religion.