Arguments for :

1. Science takes the help of religion and practical application in order to give credit to conclusions whereas religion recommends blind belief and complete faith in its basic principles. That is why religion does not admit the revision of judgment whereas scientific facts of conclusions are changed and examined from time to time.

2. Science deals with concrete things of the world because till a particular thing is not comprehended through senses or with the help of mathematical calculations it is considered unreal. On the other hand religion believes in spirituality life after death etc. For examining things scientific methods are different whereas while be­lieving in spiritual affairs we have to take the help of imagination.

3. Religion believes in many superstition and thus it clogs our reasoning power. On the other hand science dissolves superstitions and makes us to see the reality in its true colours.


Arguments against :

1. In fact religion was based on scientific observations but the knowledge of man could not resolve riddles of life at some of the periods of history and consequently religion war reduced to a bundle of superstitions and rituals. The religion talk about the Doom’s day and Science has also come to the conclusion—with the lapse of time planets will become dying stars and after that there will be a reorganization of the universe.

2. In fact Science also believes in faith. Once a particular conclusion is worked out it becomes working premises in science. The only difference is that religion encourages a sort of blind faith.

3. Science can contribute to religion and religious belief can contribute to scientific research because whatever we believed in the past becomes the object of study in the present. Many religions talk of life on other planets. Science today is trying to find out if there is life on some planets.