It is no matrimonial advertisement when I say I am an un­married young man who has just passed B.A. examination. In fact as a bachelor I have been much at a disadvantage. 1 am neither a rejected lover nor a frustrated youth but I hate married people. They enjoy many privileges in society. A married man easily gets a house on rent as if his wife were a certificate of good character. They get cinema tickets because their ladies are to get preference.

Their wives can stand in queues at the ration shops because they know the knack of killing time. Moreover their close-kept and close guarded com­pany is a satire upon the bachelors. They increase our population and create problems still the bachelors pay more taxes. A married man is a blot upon the manhood; wife carries the purse and husband carries the baby ; she places the order and he carries the bundles. A woman, after marriage considers herself the queen of beauty even if she is nothing more than a painted stick. Above all, after marriage, man monopolizes a lady and woman has a monopoly over the man. Why should man and woman not be national property ?

Another thing, I hate, is examinations. What an ordeal it is Before examinations we suspend all pleasure-giving activities. We do not meet friends, we do not attend playground. Some are glued to the chair, others perch on the trees, and others sit in the rooms with doors all shut. All the time we are lost in studies ; we study till the words reel and swim before our eyes. We think of questions, dream of questions and talk about questions.

A night before the examinations is nightmarish. In front of the examinations hall a friend tells him “this question is sure to be set”, another with the pro­phetic tone says, “no that question is a certainty”. Everything seems to evaporate from his memory. As soon as the question papers are distributed the eyes roll over the questions. Difficult questions make one to perspire ; glasses of water are ordered. Examinations are over but not the worries. Students count their marks daily. Then comes the Judgement Day, the day result is announced.


Thus my age and my environments have determined my likes and dislikes. Of course, this is the case with everyone. A child likes to play with a toy and a young man toys with loves whereas an old man loves to tell beads. Likes and dislikes are the mental habits of a person. As social habits solidify themselves into customs, men­tal habits become prejudices and whims.