Essay on No one knows what he can do till he tries


“No one knows what he can do till he tries”. This was first said by Publish Syrups many, many years ago but it has survived as an eternal truth to this day. Trial and Endeavour are the acid test for determining ability. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, goes the proverb and indeed it is impossible to know the contents of a book by merely looking at its cover. One has to read every page and turn it over until the last one is reached. Similarly man would never have found the eternal stone, the diamond, had he not plumbed the sub-terranean depths. Certain factors make it easier.



Though one must needs put one’s shoulder to the wheel, Endeavour alone will not achieve anything unless it is accompanied by motivation. The will to do something is a force potent enough to move mountains. There are countless, stirring examples of the handicapped and the disabled battling unimaginable odds to overcome their disability by sheer will power and superhuman effort.


The very fact that will – power constitutes such an important ingredient required to overcome odds, presupposes the existence of odds. It is an all too human fragility to suppose that a favorable wind will blow forever. An ill – wind could engulf anybody at any time and sometimes an ill – wind can do somebody a world of good. A crisis forces a person to draw on his inner strength and shrug off apathy and complacence.



Thus great successes are built by taking up negative circumstances and turning them around. To be able to put adversity to one’s use one must have confidence in oneself. Dr. Benjamin Spock, the last word on children and parents, said “Trust you. You know more than you think you do.” The courage of one’s convictions makes it that much easier to take the first step. It is not always necessary to have earth – shaking talent. Just plain common sense and perseverance will do.


This brings us to need for patient diligence. So we are armed with confidence, will – power, spurred on by a crisis situation and we mean to achieve something and show the world. The baby takes the firs uncertain jerky steps – he too tries without knowing he will walk. He stumbles and falls but he picks himself up. As Emerson said, “Every artist is first an amateur”. One has to accept it and plod on.



the pinch of salt that makes a dish palatable and any struggle meaningful is idealism. One must try and strive for something. A goal is essential to prompt someone to keep trying. And as the recipe says “salt according to taste”, so much one flavor any struggle with idealism – too much or too little could have drastic effects.


Each one of us has the potential to realize things we never dreamed ourselves capable of. We simply have to make a beginning and try in right earnest and we will discover the value behind the truism – Try, try again. The tortoise did not know it was going to win against the hare but it was willing to try. The odds against it were tremendous but it made the impossible possible by just risking a try.