Essay on Natural Resources and Associated Problems


Human population is growing day-by-day. Continuous increase in population caused an increasing demand for natural resources. Due to urban expansion, electricity need and industrialization, man started utilising natural resources at a much larger scale. Non-renewable resources are limited.

They cannot be replaced easily. After some time, these resources may come to an end. It is a matter of much concern and ensures a balance between population growth and utilisation of resources.

This overutilisation creates many problems. In some regions there are problems of water logging due to over irrigation. In some areas, there is no sufficient water for industry and agriculture. Thus, there is need for conservation of natural resources.


There are many problems associated with natural resources:

Forest resources and associated problems

1. Use and over-exploitation.

2. Deforestation.


3. Timber extraction.

4. Mining and its effects on forest.

5. Dams and their effects on forests and tribal people.

Water resources and associated problems


1. Use and overutilization of water.

2. Floods, droughts etc.

3. Conflicts over water.

4. Dams and problems.


Mineral resource and associated problems

1. Use and exploitation.

2. Environmental effects of extracting and using minerals.

Food resources and associated problems


1. World food problems.

2. Changes caused by agriculture and over grazing.

3. Effects of modern agriculture.

4. Fertilizer-pesticide problems.

5. Water logging and salinity.

Energy resources and associated problems

1. Growing energy needs.

Land resources and associated problems

1. Land degradation.

2. Man-induced landslides.

3. Soil erosion and desertification.

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