Essay on Media and Sports


The present interest in sport has some impact of media, and the development of media has some vital roles of sports news and broadcasting. Media is emerging as an empowering giant which is shadowing everything which comes its way. From politics to movies, gossips, sports-media is Omni present.

Television and Olympic Games :

The first century of the modern Olympic Games paralleled the development of mass communications technology. Television has enabled the Olympic Games to become a true global event. The 1996 Atlanta Games were broadcast to a world-wide audience of 2.3 billion people. The 2002 Sydney Olympic Games drew an audience of 3.7 billion people and 36.1 billion viewing hours.


First Live Telecast of Sports Competition :

The 1936 Berlin Games were the first sports competitions to be televised live. More than two dozen viewing halls were built throughout Berlin for people to watch the Games. Although the picture quality of these early broadcasts was poor, television became a vital part of the Olympic Games.

First International Broadcast of Olympic Competition :

The first international broadcasts of Olympic competition came at the 1956 Cortina Winter Games. Viewers in eight European countries watched the Games.


Sale of Sports Broadcasting Rights :

As television grew in importance during the 1950s the international Olympic Committee realized that the sale of broadcast rights could provide income to subsidize the expenses of the Games and the activities of the IOC. After much negotiation, rights to the 1960 Squaw Valley Games were sold to several companies. The European Broadcasting Union paid $660,000 (U.S) for broadcast night. Since then, deletion rights fees and coverage have escalated astronomically. The National Broadcasting Company (NBC), an American network, paid $456,000,000 for the rights to broadcast the 1996 Atlanta Games and a staggering $3.5 billion for the rights to broadcast the five Games from 2000 through 2008.

Both Benefit Each Other :

The media is benefited by achieving the broadcast rights ,and by advertisement showing brand endorsements by various sportsmen. In other words both are benefited. Looking at the print media, newspapers have their sports sections and sports magazines keep readers abreast of the latest in sports culture. In fact media is overpowering. Sports two have been adapted to meet the commercial interests of television. Thus finally we can conclude that media has popularized the sports and sports activities, on the other hand, it has been benefited by earnings of broadcasting sports.

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