Essay on India and the New World Order (422 Words)


Essay on India and the New World Order!

In the New World Order, USA is no more the sole power like in the past Cold War period, but several other powers are also emerging with vital stakes in world affairs. India’s response to this World War is striking in terms of its changing profile of relationship not only with neighbors but also with major powers and in international and regional international institutions.

India’s increasing global influence has been driven by rapid economic growth. The most significant shift in its foreign policy over the past two decades has been rapprochement with the United States. Several factors explain the greater warmth towards Washington:


1. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the relative weakness of Russia since then;

2. Growing economic ties between the US and India particularly in the IT industries.

3. The rise of China.

The thickening of the closeness led to the nuclear demand between the Governments of Manmohan Singh and George W Bush. This deal was followed by a number of civil nuclear cooperation between India and other countries.


In case of India’s relation with China, a new power game is underway on which both must seek to be as friendly as possible. This pushes both sides to take diplomatic measures to solve their issues of concern besides their border dispute. China’s encirclement strategy’, in terms of its growing relations with India’s immediate neighbours like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mayanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan, is a new concern for India.

The counter these concerns, India are to make efforts to build close relations with Japan, Australia and Singapore. They explain India’s charm offensive in South-East Asia, intended to prevent Chinese domination of the region. They also account for India’s ambition in Africa as was reflected in the recently concluded India-Africa Summit in Addis Ababa.

India’s relationship with Russia is much less important than during the Cold War years. India-Russia continues to share military relations in terms of arms sell. Trade relations are hindered by the lack of an overland trade route as Pakistan does not allow transit. Politically, a relation between the two remains quite good. Russia is considered as a potential element in their strategy for preventing Chinese dominance of Asia.

India’s relations with European Union (EU) mainly focus on trade and investment relationship. EU is also considered as a strategic partner on several issues, such as reform of the UNSC and the India-US nuclear deal.


India’s relations with countries and institutions clearly reflect as a determined pledge to carve a niche for itself in the New World Order.

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