375 Words Essay on Choice of Books


Books play a very important role in shaping and enlightening the mind. With the spread of education there is a visible increase in the craze for books. Consequently several new publishers have come into existence and a number of books are being published every day.

Students, in particular, are extremely fond of books. New books displayed on the shelves of a book stall fascinate them. But they should not pick up books at random. It should be borne in mind that books exercise a great influence on one’s mental make-up and so it is very important for a student to select suitable books.

Teachers and librarians can help the students a lot in sorting out good books. Their long experience and acquaintance with a wide range of books enable them to suggest books befitting the age and ability of the student. A student should always seek their guidance.


Today students have an easy access to a number of books. They find them in libraries and in book stalls. There are several cheap editions of books and students can also possess many of them. But whatever appears in print is not necessarily good. Good books stimulate the mind; inspire the students to achieve great goals. A bad book pollutes the mind. Therefore, students should pick up good books for the healthy growth of their mind.

A book that is apt to delight an old man may not appeal to the young mind. While students try to read a variety of books that afford them pleasure, they should remember that the books they select are real sources of knowledge and moral instruction. The knowledge gained from books passes into the students, character and molds their Very being. Hence they should always select books that can make them worthy persons in future.

Books contain within them precious treasures of the world. In the world today it is important to be acquainted with the ways in which people of different countries think and act. It is also necessary to be acquainted with the history of the different nations of the world. Books have, therefore, inquired new significance for the modern man. In order to be successful in life one should consciously try to make the best use of books.

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