Essay on career as a salesman


The salesman should know about his own self and the sales career he possesses. It is the career which should be improved. Every career has its own merits and demerits. Selling is a honorable, challenging, rewarding and a professional career. Today, more and more youngsters are going in for selling as a career. The basic reasons for such an attraction are fine. In the first place in sales career, there is variety of jobs or job openings.

They may be order takers, delivering salesmen, field salesmen, missionary salesmen, sales engineers, tangible product salesmen-intangible product salesmen, political salesmen, component salesmen and so on. In the second place, there is full freedom to the individual. As a salesman, he is the master of his own. Sales job provides possibly the greatest relative freedom of any career. He goes on his own with least intervention by his boss.

Thirdly, it is a challenging one. Salesman works with a great responsibility for a territory capable of generating thousands and lakhs of worth revenue for his company which is a great challenge and a thrill. Fourthly, successful salesmen have many opportunities to move on to the top management positions because of experience. Salesmen have the credibility, knowledge and the background to assume higher positions in the organization. He may start as sales trainee and can move upon to the position of a marketing manager. Fifthly and finally, sales career is rewarding both financially and non-financially.


Financial rewards are solely based on the performance. Salary, commission, bonus, travel allowances are the usual forms. Non-financial rewards or psychological rewards are self-generating, development of self-confidence-job satisfaction. A salesman has these traits if he does it with justice. That is the greatest income he has produced which is not subject to tax deductions and laws of diminishing returns to his credit.


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