A related trend is the proliferation of alternative careers in physical education and recreation. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education through its College and University Physical Education Council has recently published a book entitled Alternative Professional Preparation in physical Education.

Nineteen authors in this book summarize much of the current thinking about this topic. Among the non-teaching options identified are corrective therapies, sports administration, sports broadcasting, sports journalism, sports marketing, sports business management, physical education for industry, management of sport clubs, cardiac rehabilitation, and physical education from early childhood, and physical education for the aging.

With the declining birthrate and the decrease in the number of high school graduates who go to college, the demand for physical education teachers has become less.

The professional preparation programs in physical education, which were formerly concerned almost entirely with graduating teachers of physical education in educational institutions, are diverting their efforts to preparation for alternative careers. Administrators of college physical education programs should keep in close touch with this trend.