562 Words Essay on Healthy Living


It is very important to be cautions about health. I take great care to see that I remain healthy. For that I read books on health care and never miss a television programme where health care is spoken of by doctors.

Health can be maintained by eating good nutritious food. This includes eggs, milk, pulses, fruits, etc. As I am a vegetarian I try to eat a lot of butter, cheese and drink a lot of milk. I supplement my diet with vitamins and avoid medication.

I go for a walk every morning and exercise regularly. This keeps me healthy not only physically but mentally too. My friends find me more social and energetic whenever I exercise. They tell me that I look radiant and my skin glows with health whenever I exercise regularly.


It is better not to eat outside. I try to avoid eating at comers of the streets where street hawkers sell unhygienic and often stale food. I like to eat food cooked at home. Fresh fruit juices and salads keep me healthy too. I avoid cold drinks, spicy and fried foods. These cause acidity and lead to the formation of gas. I like to eat bland food that never interferes with the system.

Maintaining happiness is equally good. I keep my temper low and try to stay as happy as possible so that my health does not get affected. I have made these habits a part of my life and I find myself feeling very happy and contended with myself most of the time as I have a peaceful mind housed in a healthy body.

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