Environmental Degradation Is An Inevitable Consequence of Worldwide Human Lifestyle Development


That the environment is in great crisis is known to all. The more humans try to improve their life style the more the environment is affected in every possible way.

To start with, the development of human accommodation system goes against environment. Developed accommodation system helps us to lead happy life. On the contrary, we randomly cut trees and destroy forest & cultivable lands for our living. Environment faces a great threat of ecological imbalance due to shortage of forests land. As a consequences, green house effect and raising temperature etc regularly increases further environmental degradation.

Besides, the modern method of agriculture affects the environment to a great extent. Now days we have to apply scientific method in cultivation to keep pace with the demand of foods for the rapid growth of population. Development of agriculture brings our life comfortable. Agricultural development contributes to soil erosion and loss of nutrients that is responsible for environmental degradation.


More to the point, the improvement of transportation system considerably harms the environment. It gives our life a pace & rhythm. The different type of transports emits smoke & other harmful chemicals strongly lead to air pollution. Transports are also responsible for sound pollution & global warming ultimately. As a result, human life is in danger in the world.

Beyond that, the industrial development causes massive harm to the environment. We are so luxurious and relax for the modern industrialization. However, the wastes from industries and MCs badly affect the bodies of water by excreting toxic chemicals that are hazardous to lakes, river, seas and oceans. The smoke contains many undesirable gases such as Carbon Monoxide and Sulfur-DI-oxide, which is dangerous for humans` existence.

Therefore, it is beyond all shadow of doubt that the damage to the environment is a direct result of humans` endeavors to upgrade their standard of living.

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