The evil of dowry, with the ever-growing demand by greedy parents of well placed youth from the guardians of the bride, is assuming menacing proportions month by month.

Human greed knows no bounds. It is amazing that even well educated parents of young men do no hesitate resort to downright extortion, the victims of such avarice being helpless parents of newly married girl who are forced, by their mother-in-law in particular, to bring more money and sophisticated consumer goods of various kinds. While the menace of dowry has existed for centuries, two new and ironical aspects of this problem call for special

More than 1000 cases of young wives being burnt to death are reported in the country every year! These include the suicides. Brides are of course not for burning, whether they bring adequate dowry or not. The compel them to bring more and yet more dowry, as if the helpless, badly cornered girl’s parental homes are veritable mints or gold- are human sharks who must be adequately punished.

The situation in this regard is especially deplorable in Delhi, which has the dubious distinction of leading other cities of India in the mysterious death of young married women in middle class homes. Leaving North India other parts of the country are believed to be largely Free form this evil of bride burning, though the practice of demanding, and giving sample to girls at the time of their marriage is widely prevalent there.


The dowry evil and bride burning have brought much disgrace to this country; foreigners ridicule us and wonder how, along with the all economic and political progress of this country what is happening here.

Of course there are specific laws against dowry and the punishment is prescribed for those who demand or give dowry. But laws are easily among the laws that are fragrantly flouted. Thousand cases of dowry extortion are reported every year, but very few people punished. For lack of evidence most of the guilty people escape easily even after committing heinous crimes. The number of worn organizations in the country agitating against the dowry menace staging demonstrations against the guilty people is not large the ones are confined to Delhi and Mumbai. The nations conscience needs to be awakened more on this issue effectively than has been done so far.