Arguments for :

1. Religion develops fanatic attitude and so the person is not prepared to listen to reason or to anything which may be contrary to his belief. So like an opium addict, he develops what may be called buffalo-headedness, he will become immune to reason and proof to persuasion.

2. Religion makes us to live in the world of imagination be­cause to a great extent, the world of religion is far removed from the realities of life. Any person who is in close touch with the real life will not be beneficial to the society or even to himself. He goes wild without having any consideration for the practical aspects of life.

3. Religion just like opium gives us an artificial stimulus. Under the impact of this inspiration which is generally misdirected a man is prepared to make maximum sacrifice. He forgets about his duties towards the society or towards others. So like an opium eater his only aim of life is to take more of it. He cannot be modern in outlook and is unable to adjust with the changing circum­stances.


Arguments against :

1. Religion gives us a mooring in life. We know which prin­ciples guide us and which considerations should be of foremost con­sideration. It makes our outlook moral and so beneficial to the society in general.

2. A person, who has no religious faith can never remain satisfied. He will be skeptical in his approach and feeling less in his thinking. Such a person becomes a cold calculating machine which can work efficiently but which cannot consider you a human being. Such people are dangerous in society.

3. Religion gives us faith in life. It relieves pessimism and makes us optimistic in our outlook. We hope for better life, better days and better social relations if we are guided religion whereas scientific thinking we can never develop a proper type of outlook to­wards life. Religion makes us suitable for the present as well as for the future life.