Arguments for :

1. Religion encourages fanatical attitude and a person cannot listen to reason. Such a person is incompatible with democratic spirit. In a democratic country, we must be open minded and should accept others’ arguments if they are cogent. By mixing religion with politics, we stifle democratic spirit which is necessary for democracy.

2. In India there are a large number of religions and some of them are basically opposed to other religions. If politics centers round religions there will be fragmentation of the country. If we want to preserve India as a nation, we must have an integrated nation have emotional unity.

3- Religious people always try to impose their own religion “upon the nation. As a result of it, the nation reels back to the Middle ages to which most of the religions belong. For example,, imposing Islam, on the people of Pakistan or Iran the ruler hindered the modernization of the country. So if a nation is to make progress, religion must be separated from politics.


Arguments against :

1. Religion basically teaches morality and it is this morality which politics of today lacks. Radha Krishanan once said: “Irreligion is our malady and religion the only cure.” In other words, if politics becomes moral, many problems of the World as well as of the country can easily be solved ; corruption and perversion will not spoil our political life.

2. Religions covers the inner as well as the outer life of a man. Till we remain religious in our private life it is impossible to break our politics from religions. Undoubtedly even in the politi­cal field, we are guided by our religious feelings. Moreover politi­cians having a great lust for power will always try to exploit religions for their own benefit. So even if we try, politics cannot be divorced from religion.

3. In fact religion has been misunderstood and misinter­preted. If we understand the true significance of religion, politics can definitely become better. Gandhiji used to say, “My politics is my religion and my religion is my Politics.” Without giving a religious touch to our politics, we will be making it more dangerous because the fear of doing evil will be eliminated from it. So, the greater necessity is to make the people understand religion properly so that they may, make a correct use of religions.