Arguments for :

1. Western culture has permeated into our thinking and it demands that we should adopt the way of life which the English- speaking countries have. Thinking of a person determines his choice. That is why those who do not speak English are considered to be uneducated. As our thinking is westernized we cannot get rid of English.

2. The latest developments in the different disciplines are given in the books written in English. If we are to keep abreast with the latest developments we cannot break with English. Knowledge will come to stand-still if English is abolished as a medium of instruc­tions.

3. If we are to maintain contacts at the International level English is necessary. India has been taking active part in the work­ing of U.N., in Non-aligned Movement, in establishing trade con­tacts with different nations and for all of these it is necessary to have knowledge of English language.


Arguments against :

1. Language is more than a medium of communication and so if we are to preserve our own culture it is necessary, if we are to remain an independent nation we must replace a foreign language with some national language.

2. Majority of the people in India are either uneducated or half educated. At one or the other stage the Government will have to abolish English language. In Indian politics and in Indian life, regionalism is becoming more important and so the future of English language is very dark.

3. Students at the College and University stage have to ex­perience a lot of difficulty in understanding subjects in English language. They have always been opposing it as a medium of instruc­tions. At one or the other stage this opposition will prove effective and English will be abolished as a medium of instructions. When it is no longer used for instructions it will become unpopular automati­cally.


4. People consider it a vestige of the colonial rule; English for the Indian nation is a stigma sticking to us. So people hate it and will force the government to get rid of it.