Arguments for :

1. In the present world there is a great necessity for a Third Power which may be committed to the policies of peace. India in terms of population, natural resources and geographically strategic position, can become Third Power if she possess sophisticated nuclear weapon. So, it is in the interest of world peace that peace loving countries like India should be strong enough to dictate their terms to other nations.

2. Our two un-principled neighbors, China and Pakistan have an edge over India as far as nuclear technology is concerned. China is already manufacturing nuclear devices and has also perfec­ted delivery system whereas Pakistan is on the verge of acquiring nuclear bombs. Under such circumstances if India wants to inspire confidence among the people and create fear in the minds of Pakistan and China she must manufacture nuclear weapons.

3. Possessions of nuclear weapons will give prestige to India in the World community and they will help her to propagate her ideas which may help the people of the world to preserve peace. In fact the big powers do not want India to come to the fore.


Arguments against :

1. By manufacturing nuclear weapons India may go bankrupt because it involves huge expenditure. For a developing country like India it will be difficult to implement economic plans and consequent­ly there will be frustration among the people.

2. If India manufactures nuclear weapons, arms race will pick up in this region. The neighboring nations will start making hectic efforts to acquire nuclear technology. Once the arms race picks up there is no end to it and consequently the nations suffer.

3. It has also been pointed out that before procuring nuclear technology many nuclear tests will have to be conducted. These tests may pollute the atmosphere. Water or vegetations and thus for a poor country like India it would be difficult to keep the people healthy.