Arguments for :

1. The opposition parties in India are not properly organized and so they do not have a leader who commands respect and who can keep the opposition united. Such an opposition is generally rife with conflicts. Such an opposition can never help the nation.

2. Some how or other opposition parties in India could not become popular with the people particularly at the national level. That is why their numerical strength in the Parliament is so small that they cannot play the role of a healthy opposition. The opposit­ion is contended with wild charges against the ruling party.

3. The leaders of the opposition parties are a frustrated lot. That is why they are prepared to indulge in any type of activity whether it is going to benefit the nation or it is going to hurt the nation for coming in power.


Arguments against :

1. The opposition has been able to keep the party in power within limits. Whether they are united, healthy or not their criticism keeps the ruling party disciplined. Had there been no opposition the party in power would have become dictatorial.

2. The opposition parties professing different political ideo­logies try to give an alternative to the electorate. When there is no opposition people would believe that the ruling party is the only party having political ideology. If people start thinking in this man­ner they become hero-worshippers and undermine democracy.

3. Opposition parties also help in developing political con­sciousness. By evaluating the activities of the people in power they try to bring about political awakening among people and without it democracy will come to an end.