Arguments for :

1. The interest of a spectator in the game is generally dis­passionate interest so every move of a player has an appeal to his mind as well as to his heart. That is why he gets emotional as well as mental pleasure from the game. On the other hand, a player cannot observe the game because he remains emotionally involved. That is why only the thrilling moments may give him pleasures otherwise he does not enjoy the game.

2. A spectator can also see the reactions of other people and can hear the comments of the experts regarding the game. Both of these help him in enjoying the game and in understanding it pro­perly. On the other hand, a player depends on his own judgments and cannot bother about the reactions of others because, otherwise, he would become nervous. Thus, he is deprived of the real enjoy­ment.

3. A spectator does not look at the game from the technical point of view that is why every thrilling moment whether it is techni­cally perfect or not will give him sufficient joy. Moreover he rarely bothers about victory or defeat and it is the fear of defeat and the joy of victory that generally spoils the real joy of the game.


Arguments against :

1. A player is emotionally involved in the game and so when­ever he feels that he has been able to play properly he definitely gets a thrill. He feels satisfied and also takes pride in being con­gratulated by the spectators. All of these combine together to give him sufficient enjoyment.

2. A player enjoys the game even when it is over. The memories of the game and important incidents stick to their mind if not throughout the life at least for many years to come. When­ever, he recollects those moments he gets bliss. This type of enjoy­ment, a spectator does not get.

3. A player enjoys the game more because he tries to under­stand his technique properly. Many of the players watch themselves playing with video films so that they may be able to analyze their achievements properly. This self-analysis is a source of joy for a player who wants to make improvement.