By debating society we mean a society set up for the purpose of carrying on debates on various subjects. It is a society formed by the students in schools and colleges. Its purpose is to widen the area of knowledge of students.

Students gather for discussing on a particular subject. A day is fixed for students to gather at a particular point or hall to discuss on a fixed subject. Generally a division is made amongst the students into two groups while one group speaks in favour of the subject; the other group speaks against it.

The usefulness of debating society is not to be looked down upon since it improves the thinking faculty of students. A discussion cannot be said fine if the reasoning faculty of students is riot well developed.

The thinking should be methodical. It requires deep thinking to join a debate. For deep thinking we are likely to go through some books for useful facts. We have to consult the knowledgeable people and teachers.


Debating society undoubtedly sharpens the reasoning sense of students. It is not sufficient to simply put forth the arguments. The arguments are to be put forth in a systematic way. When our mental faculties become sharp we can tackle intricate facts readily. If we are not conveyed the subject matter before joining a debating society we try to develop the habit of speaking extempore.

Debating society develops the art of speaking. Students having a feeling of shyness or tongue-tied students develop the art of speaking gradually by joining a debating society- A good orator wins the people easily in his favour.

The people who have great oratorical gift generally rule the country and decide the destiny of the country. We often see such circumstances in the day to day politics of the country. Debating society trains students to become the future orators of the country.

During the formative years, we fumble while speaking in a debating society but as gradually we become great eloquent speakers. By sheer practice we can learn the art of eloquence well. Just as an acrobat does with his muscle we should try to develop the art of speaking by joining a debate.


Our angle of vision, our intelligence and our intellect are developed through the debating society. We develop a desire to go beyond the area of text books for gathering information to suit best to the topic of the debate. Thereby we win in debates. A debating society provides a student the scope to speak his own ideal without fear of favour.

A good debater should accept the arguments of the opponents with a spirit of liberalism. A student should not underestimate his opponent and should learn the important point from the opponent to be a good debater. The debating society should not cause any ill feeling among students. Otherwise the very purpose of forming a debating society will be lost. If we do not accept the right views of others, if we do not have regards for the reasonable points of the opponents we will create enemies for ourselves.

Defeat or victory in a debating society should be borne up with the spirit of a sportsman. Through debates we make an attempt to go near the truth. By winning a debate we do not go up very much just as we do not degrade ourselves by being defeated in a debate.