Human beings are like the organ of the body. When fortune frowns on a person, other fellow-beings of the afflicted person cannot or should not remain, unaffected. If there is pain in any part of the body, the other parts also know no rest.

“Nobody’s work is held up for want of another’s help” is not correct. In fact every body’s work is held up for want of every body’s help. No one in the world is indispensable.

Nothing can be done single handed in the world. Even our two hands co-operate with each other, the two feet co-operate with each other, all the parts of the body co-operate with one another, the members of a family co-operate with one another.

The people of a country co-operate with one another. Workers in an office or a factory or a field, soldiers in the field of battle, various wings of the army, air force, navy, ministers in a cabinet, jailors and prisoners, police and the public, the thieves and the thieves, the robbers and the robbers, the cut throats and the cut throats, the assassins and the assassins, the aggrieved and the aggrieved, the tyrant and the tyrant, the rich and the rich, the poor and the poor, the sick and the sick, the holy men and the holy men, the patriots and the patriots, all co-operate with one another.


Although the priests, the pundits, the so called attendants (the agents) in the temples, the mosques, the churches, (though they do not co-operate with the common people) co-operate, even conspire with the God, it is through these attendants, that He showers His blessings or let lose His wrath upon the bad people of the world.

Co-operation has great value, virtue, vastest application and importance. Although in the world of today Co-operation is confused with corruption, yet the two terms are not synonyms.

The lesson of co-operation can be learnt from the bees, the ants and other such creatures. The tiny creatures – the ants, and the bees and the wasps teach us many things – unity team work, fellow feeling. Team work is the key to success. Although team work is so far the monopoly of animal world, yet animals have taught much to human beings only if we
humans could be a little less selfish in actions and dealings.

Still the spin of co-operation is conspicuous from whatever we have learnt and applies to life. We are co-operative in the hospitals, on the play ground, on the field of the battle and in crime, sin and vice, worship of all kinds-worship of idols, worship of idlers, worship of Mammon and of hypocrisy. We are absolutely co-operative in black marketing, in preparing spurious drugs in persecution, in stealing, in gambling and so on. Only we should lean- to be more co-operative in noble things too.


Work done in co-operation is done well, is less boring rather enjoyable even death with friends is a festival. In all spheres of life, co-operation counts. It is co-operation that matters. Minus co-operation the world would go to pieces, the whole machinery would collapse.

The eyes ‘see’ the food the mouth co-operates at once – it waters, the hand rises to the occasion, the important fingers bent a little, break of a morsel of the bread or chappati, fold it, and thrust it into the mouth, through the mouth it passes, through certain organs into the stomach where it is digested, and en- route to the outward journey passes through many large and small intestines. Now if any of these organs refuses to co-operate with other organs, the citadel of the beautiful body will collapse the analogy of the body organs, co-operation holds good in the case of humans and it is (he most essential attributes.

The playground is the place where this commodity – co-operation is to be found in greatest abundance. Sportsman spirit is the spirit, which should embody everybody. We can learn to smile away, to swing away our sorrows and smile at our pains and difficulties.

The only two things that find it difficult to co-operate with each other are the head and the heart but that is a different matter, they are sworn enemies. The people who have heads are heartless and the people who have hearts have no heads. Heartaches are always more painful than headaches, co-operation is the balm that soothes and heals many wounds of the soul of the body.


When the heart is sad, something is heated, something bums something boils, something evaporates, forms clouds and rises into the eyes, traveling a long way up from the heart to eyes, the eyes overcast the winds of sighs blow till the moisture gathers in the eyes then the tears co-operate. They flow down the pink slopes down on the ground below or.. .the rain of tears is the envy of the real rain. Can a single tear cause the beautiful rain? Can a single drop of moisture suspended in the atmosphere washed clean after the rain, cause the beautiful rainbow No, Co-operation of many is needed for it. Shared joys are double joys shared sorrows are half sorrows.