Essay on Conference makes a ready man


Worldly-wise Bacon sums up in this sentence, an aphorism, — how a man can acquire ‘readiness’ or promptitude by participating in conference, meaning discussion and deliberation. Conference implies a meeting, together with a view to examining all the pros and cons of an issue, putting in their proper perspective. Habitual participation in conference of this kind makes a man ready-witted. He acquires the quality of quickness of mind, of unerring precision in reaching the heart of the matter. Conference helps a man to acquire these admirable virtues better than any other method.

At the conference table mind clashes with mind and it, helps strike the spark of truth. Vague, ambiguous or inaccurate statements are immediately challenged and subjected to scrutiny: we have to overcome opposition by precise and rational arguments. This clash of intellect is a great sharpener of reason. By constant use, intellect acquires brilliance. Practice gives skill, and all opinions, prejudices, and preconceived notions, are adequately tested. In a word, experience at the conference table makes a man ready-witted; he is far more alert and prompt in judgment.

A true conference is one in which member comes with open minds, ready not only to convince others but to be convinced themselves. There must be an atmosphere of sweet reasonableness of give-and-take. Each member must be as willing to listen as to speak. While he must have the strength of his convictions, he must equally have the honesty to confess his errors.


Unfortunately, most conferences degenerate into unseemly wrong. Tempers are frayed and lost; motives are imputed; charges and counter-charges are flung across the table. Such conferences do not certainly contribute to make a ready man in Bacon’s concept of the term.

The conference table is the altar of democracy. For in democracy there must be no imposition of authority, no assertion of will. Policies have to be formulated out of discussion; plans must be devised after detailed consultation. It is to be noted that Bacon has said this with reference to the necessity of reading, writing and then talking in a conference for sharing views.

Fortunately in modern times conference is coming into its own more and more. All differences are now sought to be settled through negotiations. There are conferences of officials and non-officials, of educationists and merchants, of journalists and scientists of statement of rival camps. And everywhere, the man with the true conference spirit is at an advantage. For he comes with an open mind as ready to teach others as to learn. Such men are of invaluable heap with their mental equipment; they have the readiness to realize both one’s strong as well as one’s weak points.


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