Capital punishment is a controversial topic having a war of words on the card across the world. In fact, we must acknowledge that some people disagree with this kind of penalty but others are totally in favour.

For many reasons capital punishment should exist. Most significantly, It greatly contributes to control and decrease crime rate. As it has involvement of the death, it is certainly a more powerful tool in fighting against criminals who, like humans in general, consider the death as the final and maximum punishment. More to the point, capital punishment should be continued to ensure the justice in the society. The real justice must require people`s punishment for their evil deeds and send a clear warning to them for further destructive activities.

However, this culture of death penalty is opposed on some common grounds. To start with, Capital Punishment is a barbarian act and remains as a blot on the face of humanity since long time. Not only does the death penalty end the offender’s life, it also shakes the tone of the community and devastates the loved ones of the victim. In addition, giving a second chance to the sinners would make them come to the right path. It gives them an opportunity to return something back to society.

But are these logics solid enough? Considering humanity against capital punishment cannot be a suitable solution to bring back the real peace and justice in a society. As a result, criminal will be more dangerous and commit crimes more than before. Giving second chance is a gift for the criminals. They become so desperate to commit crimes repeatedly, which decrease social security.


This is evident that capital punishment is necessary in any civil society.