An Overdose of Science will do Harm to the World


Arguments for :

Science makes us mechanical in our outlook and kills the finer emotions like affection, love of humanity, friendliness and generosity. Such a person will not be anything more than a cold calculating machine which is dangerous for the society.

Science makes us too much conscious of time and speed. This consciousness leaves a mental agony. That is why in the world dominated by science there is frustration, boredom and neu­rosis. All of these are the symptoms of a diseased mind.


Science has given us so many powers that we have started considering ourselves gods on earth. That is why we forget all about God and human limitations in our activities.

Arguments against :

1. Science has made us result-oriented. We think of achiev­ing our aim by putting in more effort. This devotion to work is one of the important factors in helping us to make progress.

2. Science has dissolved many superstitions and false notions. As a result of it man comes face to face with reality and no longer lives in the world of dreams. Challenge of realities sharpen our desire to work whereas charm of dreams lull us to sleep.


3. It is because of the domination of Science that we have become rational in our outlook and reasonable in approach. We are no longer swayed by emotions and our thinking is no longer clogged by conservatism or fanaticism. That is why modern man gets more satisfaction from his work than from anything else.

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