“Life is drama, God is director, men are actors and world is a stage.” — William Shakespeare

The entire world’s is a stage and human beings are its actors and actresses. With different roles assigned to each one of the players, the moments of entry and exit are predestinated.

No matter how small or stupendous is the impact of those who appear on the stage, the fact of cause and consequences, action and reaction remains visible and vibrant all the time. Moved or motivated by varying passions and pursuits, the quest for supremacy over other forces continues despite the dilemma of confusion and contradiction.

As the dramatic personae on the stage, the characters in the garb and gait of countless roles come and go and a majority of them leave no trace whatsoever of their presence or persona on the shifting sands of time. Made of clay feet and brittle bones, all men and women are merely playthings or puppets. From the cradle to the cremation ground, their roles are marked.


Relaying most of the times on bluff, bluster and bravado and pleased with bauble all the time each player tries to make the best of a bad bargain. Whether the time and place was prehistoric or the socioeconomic environment is as compulsive and competitive as the modem times, the pressure to prove oneself better of the real or imaginary opponent has always been there in some form or the other, sometimes vague and vagrant as in the past, but now very open and oppressive.

“All the world is a stage” both in size and scenario. It is an open theatre where ideas and intrigues, heroes and villains occupy the center stage and make events move in all possible directions. With odds to suppress and opportunities to explore and exploit, human beings remain on the toes, lest they are caught napping and frustrated in their aims and aspirations. The history of mankind is a sonorous saga of man’s relentless struggle against known and unknown forces, with inherent fortitude and faculties working in tandem to overcome hurdles of every type and tone.

There are all types of characters, some with heroic qualities that take the bull by the horns, while others may balk and beat a hasty retreat. To a pensive mind, life’s drama is “all sound and fury signifying nothing To a man of action, resting on one’s laurels means resting of talents; corrosion of capabilities.

For those in a state of alienation, “measuring’ in coffee – spoons” may appear the best of roles, but to those who chase dreams and desires and are determined to turn them in roaring realities the sky is the limit. Comedy and tragedy, fancy and fantasy – they; not only found in books but also experienced in everyday life. The stage of the world always remains the most fertile field to show one’s ac and far sight, as also a mysterious place with many a suspense or surprise.


From Industrial Revolution to Green Revolution, to I.T. Biotechnology Revolution, the world has become a global village consequently the stage of human concepts and concrete actions too shrunk in size. With the conquest of time and space, the dramatic actions have the trail of effects on almost all species in varying degrees dimensions.

With the passage of time, the script may change in theme and subject matter, but the nature and nuance of the world as a stage does not alter much. The essential character of life as a saga of struggle for survival supremacy would continue to hold good. Whatever faith we may pro or whatever religion we may follow, the eternal play of life and death good and evil, continues and the world remains a stage with its own parameters and paradigms.