Essay on the advantages of a University Career


In these days, mere university education has come into disfavor. It is no longer paying the dividend that it once used to pay, in the shape of securing good berths in life. It gives no guarantee of a successful career. The university student is supposed to develop a snobbish attitude to all kinds of non-intellectual occupation.

Hence, it is suggested that ordinary students should do well not to go up to the university after completing their school course but should take up vocational courses. However, one cannot afford to stand on one’s dignity when one has to face the problem of keeping body and soul together. Hunger and want are mighty levelers.

The real question is does university education confer any real advantage or extra status on a person? Does it add to one’s efficiency or general capacity? There are, however, certain respects in which university education is advantageous. A university man develops a wider outlook of life. He is more liberal, more considerate in his attitude to men and events.


Another advantage of university education is its influence on general character. In most cases, it will be found that a university man is more restrained and refined in speech and behavior. He has a tradition to uphold. He is on the whole, more likeable that a non-university man. Thus, in the long run, a university builds up national culture and gives a healthy direction to i.e. moulds national character. “It is in universities that the soul of a people mirrors itself”- said Lord Haldance.

Social life, including the art of government, has become so complex today that it cannot be successfully handled by men under developed intellect and narrow visions. It is university education which can equip a man with all these qualities.

Nowadays it is a good thing that a minimum university qualification id demanded from all entrants to specialized careers.

At the same time, it must also be admitted that there is need for making university education more adapted to the needs of career and even the society at large.


The trouble is that the standard of the universities in our country is never very satisfactory. The method of teaching has become mechanical and stereotyped. Students re never called upon to think out things for themselves. Yet a true university education is always an asset and an inspiration that promotes original thinking and qualities of leadership.

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