Village is a habitation of people which is much smaller in area than a city or a town. This area is not an area which is not as advanced as the city. However, this life like all other things has its own merits and demerits and, advantages and disadvantages.

In a village, the avenues of employment are few as, knowhow of various avenues is not at par with that available in the cities. In a village the mainstay of livelihood is basically farming. Besides farming, there may be some construction works, some small scale industries and, that is all of what is available in the villages.

It is this lack of a variety of employment potential that makes for the continuous exodus of village people in the cities and towns. This is turn makes the cities over congested and dirty. This in because the towns and cities are not planned for the huge population that moves into the towns and cities

While city life appears to be fast and on a continuous move, on the contrary, life in a village is very calm and quiet and also slow moving. Here there appears to be a lot of peace and silence as if everyone is without a care in the world.


This is again in absolute contrast of the fast tension full city life. Besides being tension free, people here, are a satisfied lot, not fighting for any competition of any kind. They are all very-very satisfied with their lot whatever it may be and, I think that is just the reason for their friendly behaviours with each other in the village.

While people in cities and towns are busy struggling to compete with each other, people in the villages are busy remaining just happy with themselves without a care for what the others do. Here, people are also more helpful to each other because probably they do not have any competitions and thus no grudges against each other.

Regarding education, some villages do have schools but, if any of the children are interested, and want to study more they have no option except to move to cities nearby. This is because there are no institutes in villages for advanced studies of any kind. Thus in contrast to cities, though villages have a peaceful life, progress of any kind remains a far off dream.

However a study of the people of villages and those of cities goes to distinctly show that, people of villages are definitely better human beings than their counterparts in cities and towns.


The entire village appears to be a single well knit unit one family. On the other hand, in a city, even next door neighbours do not know each other. In times of need thus, while village people are one entity very closely knit together, the people of the cities are a class apart – without a care for any other. In a city, health is another hazard due to complete pollution which is the gift of mechanisation of everything in a city.

On the other hand there being no mechanisation in a village, air they breathe is pure. However, at the same time, since there are no arrangements for any treatments of any kind in villages, there is no possibility of any treatment for any sick in a village. Thus, in villages, people die unattended as there are no medical facilities available there.

Thus, though there is less or no pollution in villages, if one falls sick, then there is no treatment also. This is why epidemics of all kinds attack the villages more than any cities and towns.

Thus village life like city life, has its own drawbacks and demerits – but life has to be encountered whether in a town or a city, and we must realise that both village and city life have their own problems.