551 Words Essay on a Memorable Day in my Life


In our family, we are only four members: my parents, my elder sister and myself. Ours is a happy family. I am a school student but my sister passed the B.A. Examination last year. She can sing well.

She can draw paintings well, and she can also stitch garments beautifully. She is very fond of me. But now-a-days my beloved sister does not live with us. She is in her husband’s house, because she was married last year, after her examination result was out. My brother- in-law is an advocate who practices in the Patna High Court.

I want to mention the day of my sister’s marriage as ‘a memorable day’ in my life. The day separated both of us physically from the family, although not at heart. I feel her absence greatly, whenever there is any good food or any object of amusement or occasion of joy in our house.


From my childhood, both of us were brought up together. She always looked after me affectionately, there being a gap of about seven years in our age. I also adore her like a goddess. So the separation has wounded my feelings heavily.

On the day of her marriage, we were very happy. The bridegroom is a handsome and well-mannered person. We like him very much, and by now, I love and respect him like my elder brother. But somehow I feel a sort of suppressed jealousy towards him, because he is the man who had one day snatched away my beloved sister from me.

Anyhow, the marriage ceremony passed off very peace­fully and happily. The feast was grand. The guests admired the food and also the good match of the wedded couple, and they left. The night was over.

I was tired due to the day’s excitement, merry-making, the manifold formalities of the ceremony, and the feast. I went to bed, soon after the noise of the house subsided.


Next morning, I knew that my sister would be leaving us and proceed towards her own house-the house of her husband. I was deeply shocked, although I did not want to express my sad feelings. I kept myself aloof and rather at a distance from my sister whom I was going to miss within a few hours.

At last, the critical hour came. Everyone in the house, including our relatives, was busy in getting her ready for the journey. But I could not help hiding myself in the terrace, suppressing my heavy tears with great restraint.

They looked for me everywhere, but at last my sister who knew my senti­ments, discovered me in the lonely terrace. She embraced me with all her love and affection. I burst into tears in her breast like a child.

She consoled me that she would return soon, after the formal rituals in her husband’s house were over. But I was not prepared to listen to any word of conso­lation at that particular hour. She took me by the hand and asked me to accompany her to her husband’s house at Patna, to which I did not agree.


Somehow, the situation was managed for the time being, but the memory of that day haunts me even this day, whenever the thought of my beloved sister comes to my mind.

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