There is obviously none in this vast world who does not desire happiness. Eveiyone is running after it to get it. But happiness is not such a thing that can be achieved so easily. If we want it we must think how to choose a profession.

There are some people who believe in stars and think that only stars can make their fate. But to speak the truth, it is our own thinking which makes or mars our destiny. A good profession can make our life a heaven while bad one a hell. Now it is very much clear how important it is for us to choose a profession.

There are many people in the world who are doing a work for which they are not fit. This causes dissatisfaction or depression among them. Therefore, a well-considered plan should be chalked out to achieve a definite end. I think the profession is that where one can serve best. Hence self assessment is important here. One should not compare with another.

Talents and potentialities differ from person to person. Some persons find themselves suitable in the field of science while others are interested in industry. Again there are persons who find great pleasure in literary field but if by any reason they opt some other field, their life becomes miserable.


Therefore it is very wise to choose a career or profession with great care. Psychology can help us in this matter. It should be made use of in finding out mental capacity of a person. The profession so chosen will enable the mental gifts of a person to blossom.

But in a country like India where, there are so many problems like poverty, population explosion, unfavourable circumstances etc. it is very difficult to get a job of choice. Hundreds of talented youths gifted with extraordinary genius rot in clerical jobs under the force of circumstances. Like all youngmen indecision and hesitation prevail in my mind every now and then. Sometimes I get attracted towards the military career sometimes I want to become an engineer. But my voice tells me to be a doctor.

Yes I desire to become a doctor. This profession suits my taste, and I think I can serve with my whole heart in this field. I have great sympathy with those who are compelled to lead a life below poverty line.

They live in dingy places and therefore become victim of many diseases. As they have no money they can’t go to a doctor. I want to serve these people free of cost. I would like to open my clinic in rural areas so that I may be easily accessible to the poor lot. I also wish to invent a perfect cure of cancer, deadly diseases which are growing very fast. Many people are dying of it every day. I dream a day when our society will be free of this fatal disease. I am working hard in my studies and hope to become eligible for this profession in a few years. May God give me success so that I may get a golden opportunity to serve the humanity in the true sense of the term?