There are conflicting views regarding students’ participation in politics. There are people who always want to keep students very far from the politics. There are others who hold opposite view. They think that students ought to be well versed in politics because they are the future leaders of the country. Let us see how far it is desirable or otherwise for the students to be in politics.

It has been seen that the students who actively participate in politics often do not pay attention on their studies. There are exceptions no doubt but most of the time we see that student politicians lose their potentialities in the field of studies. Needless to say that students’ prime duty is to devote much of their time to studies. If this period is wasted by any reason, they will have to face life long problems.

They become burden on their families because they do not get any suitable job. Even they fail to grasp basic concept of politics. They have no Understanding of national and international issues because they are not mature enough. Thus neither they become good students nor good politicians. They become the mixture of the two which brings totcil failure to their life. Hence, it is better .ldents to be students in the true sense of the term.

It has also been seen quite after that the students play into the hands of clever politicians. They become tools in their hands. This endangers the students’ life.


As mentioned above there are people who are in favour of student’s participation in politics. To prove their point right, they argue that the students are the future leaders of our country. If during their college days, the students do not learn the intricacies of politics, they would fail to become astute politicians in their future lives. They further argue that education would be incomplete without a good dose of politics.

They cite the example of students’ participation in the freedom struggle. The students played an important role in the life of country of that time. They did not think of their studies. Again at the time of J.P. Movement in Bihar, the students leaving their studies jumped into the politics. They proved that they could do their best at the time of need. Now when our country is faced with so many problems, the students can play equally significant role for the extradication of those social evils.

The first and foremost task of a student to attain excellence in their studies any division during students’ life would make than a misrable figure in the society. If he is not well versed in his studies, he would not be able to become a good politician. Therefore the students’ participation in politics should be limited only to the academic interest and acquisition of knowledge of working of various political systems. The student life must be secluded in order to achieve the best. It must not be mingled with politics.