Games and sports are an essential part of education. Education means all round development of a student. This all round development can never be achieved if games and sports are not paid due attention. They are important for a sound body and a sound mind. These two are the real wealth of a student. He can achieve any success with the help of this wealth.

Apart from providing healthy recreation, they teach the students the value of discipline. We know every game has its own rules and regulations and the participants have to obey them without any discrimination. Games and sports also teach the students to be co-operative and tolerant. They also come to know the value of team work. While playing every player is member of a team and he has to play not for his own good for the good of the whole team. Here he learns to with his team-mates for the common cause.

Games and sports always give a lesson of true tsmanship. They teach the stridents that participation is more important than winning. Thus a true sportsman no doubt rejoices his victory but never mourns his defeat. He tries his best and that is all. Thus he is ready to embrace defeat too without any sorrow. This is one of the mysteries of happiness in life which one can learn from games and sports. The spirit of sportsmanship helps in the formation of character. Games teach the students the art of leadership which adds charm to the personality.

It has been seen that sportsmen are more social and more self-sacrificing than those who have never participated in sports. Games also provide a good excitement in the life of the students. We know young people are full of vigour and vitality, all of which is not needed in their studies. Hence, it is good if they utilize some of their energy in playing some game. They get changed in this way and after that they start their studies with full enthusiasm.


But sometimes the young students give much attention on games and sports and start avoiding studies. This is not good because good education is the base of everything. Hence, study hours must not be replaced by any thing, not even by games and sports. Students must keep in mind that they are important but not at the cost of their studies. They should enjoy games only as a means of recreation for a limited time. We know excess of anything is bad. Therefore giving much more time on playing various games will be the misuse of energy and vigour. The very essence of game too is spoiled in this way.

Thus, the students should study when it is time to study and go to play when it is time to play. This is the key to achieve a harmonious development of personality.